Business Research Experience

Research Team Leader – 1997 to present

The University of the Future, LLC (aka FutureU™)

Conduct numerous research projects for clients and for internal business purposes at FutureU. Manage a pool of associates who make up our [ research team ]. You can learn more about our approach to research [ here ] and [ here].


Consultant, Research Team Co-Leader – 2000-2003

NASA Astrobiology Institute

Full Report: January 1, 2004

Overcoming Social and Technical Challenges to Virtual Scientific Collaboration
(164K PDF)
The Birth of the NASA Astrobiology Institute as a Community of Practice” (with Gail Terry Grimes), Buletinul
Stiintific al Universitatii “Politehnica” din Timisoara, ROMANIA, Seria AUTOMATICA si CALCULATOARE PERIODICA POLITECHNICA, Transactions on AUTOMATIC CONTROL and COMPUTER SCIENCE,
Vol.49 (63), 2004, ISSN 1224-600X

Co-led an investigation into the social and technical challenges of creating a virtual institute.

Charged with need and use patters for technology-mediated communication among 900+ scientists from 200+ academic, government and private organization.

Engaged in full design-cycle from initial needs assessment through identification of commercial solutions, demoing, testing, and choosing best-of-class and planning and executing roll-out, including training and coaching in the use of the chosen tools.

  • Pre and Post analysis of technology readiness and use patterns.
  • Qualitative analysis of organizational culture and its impact on adoption rates.


Nasa Astrobiology Institute

Research Design Consultant and Project Analyst – 2003-2004

Center for Safe Energy (An Earth Island Institute Project)

[ Kazakhstan Women’s Political Participation ], a project of Human Rights and Democratization: Initiatives in Countries with Significant Moslem Populations a program funded by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, U.S. Department of State.

Executive Summary ] (9K PDF)

Primary Investigator – 2003

An Industry Report from FutureU Press™

Executive Summary:

[ Comparative Features Analysis of Leading Virtual Collaboration Software ] (Web Page)

Co-Investigator – 2001

An Industry Report from FutureU Press™

Full Report: December 7, 2001

The Role of Information Technology in the Congressional Response to Anthrax on Capitol Hill ] (102K PDF)

Consultant – 1996

University of Phoenix, Online Campus

Consulted to marketing director providing guidance and design expertise for a market research study of managers in Human Resources, Training, and IT from large U.S. organizations. 

Assisted in the analysis of data collected from 67 respondents focused on readiness for the delivery of training online.

University of Phoenix Online Campus Market Research Results

Social Weaver – 1996

Awakening Technology, Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Online Community of Inquiry and Practice: Meaning and Wholeness in the Virtual Workplace.” [ See FastCompany article for description:]

Worked with a group of 50 corporate managers and consultants from around the country to experiment with Internet-based, computer-mediated group process tools in service of cultivating deep interpersonal connections without the aid of in-person contextual cues.

“Social Weavers” are responsible for egalitarian facilitation of group communications by way of these specific actions:

  • Get to know participants,
  • Help them feel:
    • Expected
    • Welcome
    • Recognized and acknowledged
    • Safe
  • Create posts using [ harvesting and weaving ] into [ chunks and links ] of shared knowledge and patterns of ideas that appear in the discussion forums and shared documents of the group.

After they are comfortable, helping them connect with each other in powerful ways that support their individual and group quests.

Testing of several digital versions of group process tools including, for example, a digital “talking circle” that forces each individual to go in turn, eliminating the tendency to talk over one another.

Peter + Trudy Johnson-Lenz

Associate Professor – 1993-1996

Master of Arts in Business Program
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California

(a graduate school of alternative healing,
philosophy, and religion).

Conduct ongoing research into the practical application of the principles of Andragogy, to teaching and learning practices, specifically the principles of:

  • Active Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Transformative Learning

Conduct studies utilizing the qualitative research tools of:

  • action inquiry
  • empowerment evaluation
  • ethnographic auditing
  • participant observation
  • learning assessments

Designed and participated in self-evaluation studies of faculty and director roles, programs, and school, applying empowerment evaluation and “Future Search” as the primary data gathering tools.

Guided graduate students in participatory design of their own learning curriculae. Thesis advisor to a dozen M.A. students.


Network Coordinator – 1984 to present

[ Briarpatch ], San Francisco, California

Conduct a periodic financial and demographic survey of membership. Designed and implemented a qualitative study to measure the characteristics of success. Supervised five apprentices in the collection and analysis of data.



Partner – 1986-1987

Research & Planning for Business, San Francisco, California.

Conducted qualitative market research for corporations such as Apple Computer, Fujitsu America, Hibernia Bank, Pacific Bell, Southland Corporation. Participated fully in proposal preparation, research, and reports. Produced special promotional events with built-in market research component. Developed computerized survey analysis tools. Supervised one employee in the operation of the business and various subcontractors in the execution of projects.

Consultant – 1985-1986

Research & Planning for Business, San Francisco

Same as “Partner” above. Initially acted as an outside consultant then joined our two efforts to form a partnership.

Other Business Research

Numerous reports on various kinds of research including:

  • industry analysis
  • market research
  • technology readiness and needs assessments
  • attitude to change assessments
  • internal communications audits

A sampling of clients includes:

  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • Columbia College of California
  • Big Apple Green (a virtual community of green businesses of NYC)
  • Dominican University of California
  • Fujitsu America
  • King Abdul Aziz University
  • Madduck Technologies
  • Missouri State University
  • Modesto Community College
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute
  • Pacific Bell
  • Southland Corporation (7-11 stores)
  • Thompson River University
  • Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

Ancient Academic Research Experience

Research Assistant – 1972-1974

Department of Psychology, University of Washington

Conducted animal behavior in the lab and field, directed by Dr. Robert Lockhard

Supervised two undergraduate research assistants.

Research Assistant – 1969-1972

Department of Psychology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Conducted human and animal research on the “free versus earned rewards” phenomenon directed by Dr. Robert Tarte

Primary responsibility for management of departmental laboratory equipment and supplies.

Supervised 1-3 undergraduate research assistants in studies.

Research Assistant – 1965-1969

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Assisted in collection and preparation of data and specimens as part of various ecological field studies in Nevada and California.

Participated in field studies of mammals, birds, and reptiles of desert riparian communities and the limnology of desert springs.

Received a scholarship to conduct field and laboratory studies in: management of artificial lakes and ponds

Conducted primary research in:

  • anaerobic metabolism in the desert pupfish, Cyprinidon nevadensis
  • ecology of the predaceous diving beeting, Cybister explanatus, in Saratoga Springs, Death Valley National Monuement

Primary responsibility for:

  • management of laboratory aquaria
  • curation of limnological research collections

Assisted in research on:

  • temperature tolerance in desert reptiles

Assisted in computer analysis of ecological data on mammals of the Southwest.

Research Assistant, Summer 1968

UCLA Research Station at the Nevada Atomic Test Site , Mercury, Nevada

Assisted in collection of specimens and data as part of ecological study of the effects of radiation on desert wildlife.

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