Consulting Services

Career Guidance

Using “Good Work Guidance [add external link icon],” my proprietary life-coaching method, my individual and group services for career development [add external link icon] have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, artisans, artists, performers, and corporate managers and executives from such organizations as Apple Computer, Bank of America, Esprit, Hewlett Packard, Levi Strauss, Prudential, the University of California, and Wells Fargo Bank to name a few.

(Many of the endorsements on these pages are from these clients.)

Entrepreneurship Consulting Services

A leader in promoting entrepreneurship guided by the principles of right livelihood, simple living, and community building, I have offered training programs and consulting services to the small and really small project, initiative, or enterprise for more than 35 years.

I focus specifically on small and really small creative projects, cause-driven initiatives, or money-making enterprises.

At my “Center for Good Business,” I offer a full spectrum of life planning and business consulting services for people who are in business for themselves—or who want to be.

(Check out my “Representative Clients” page for a list of example clients.)

Government, Healthcare, Higher Education


At FutureU, a research, analysis, and training firm specializing in online learning, web meetings, virtual teams, and web-based communications, we targeted the government, healthcare, and higher education sectors.

I have conducted a wide variety of training and orientation programs, developed extensive content delivered both in-person and online and conducted many research, assessment, and implementation projects.

(Check out my “Representative Clients” page for a list of clients.)

Learning Opportunities

I also delivered courses and workshops, both in-person and online, through the Center for Good Business, New College of California, Noren Institute, and Renaissance Entrepreneruship Center on such topics as:

  • Running A One-Person Business
  • Marketing without Advertising
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Honest Management I: Personnel as if People Mattered
  • Honest Management II: Growth Manaagement
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Alternative Sources of Funding
  • Honest Consulting
  • Honest Selling
  • Fun in Business

For 12 years, through Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, I provided consulting services to participants taking their business planning courses and to tenants of their small business incubator while also teaching courses on finance and planning.

For more than a decade I delivered online courses on leadership and personal mastery to the Fellows of the “Health Forum Fellowship” program of the American Hospital Association.

At the Writer’s Connection on the San Francisco peninsula, I taught “Running a One-Person Writing Business.”

At the San Francisco theatre The Marsh, I co-taught (with performance artist Charlie Varon) a course for filmmakers on “The Art of Business and the Business of Art.”

At McKinnon School of Massage in Oakland, I taught “The ABCs of Running a Massage Practice.”

At Noren Institute, we specialized in using a “learning expedition” format in which we loaded participants into a bus and visited exemplar businesses who acted as co-teachers of each course.

At the California Institute of Integral Studies (a graduate school of alternative healing, philosophy, and religion), I was founding director and associate professor of a masters level program on “the art of business.”

We awarded nearly three dozen MA degrees during the program’s short four-year lifespan with graduates moving into a wide range of opportunities from organizational consulting for the big eight firms to director of the Social Venture Network as well as a small organic farm, a solar energy company, a landscape design firm, a family restaurant, and a librarian at a specialized business archive, to name a few.

Through the Center for Good Business I delivered workshops on “Breaking Through to Right Livelihood” and “Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work”.

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