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Heyo! Welcome to my personal website.

My name is Claude Whitmyer, also known as CW and in some quarters as Br’er Claude.

This site is unadulterated “me” — me at my best (and maybe at my worst, sometimes). It’s not the whole me, of course. It does present more than the usual number of facets to my life and here’s why:

The main purpose of this website is to provide my family, friends, fans, and fanatical supporters with a richer, broader sense of who I am and what I’m trying to do in the world and to foster deeper connections.

This site won’t directly promote any of my:

  • Creative projects
  • Causes
  • Money-making ventures

As part of my storytelling,  editorializing, and sharing, I’m sure to discuss, describe, and maybe even recommend some of the commercial offers I make. However, it’s my intention that this site will remain non-commercial. By “non-commercial” I mean, no sales pages, no “calls-to-action,” no way to purchase anything directly from here. If I make a recommendation, I’ll include a link to another website for follow up. You’ll have to click over to some landing page or other not on this website if you want to pursue. So the choice will be completely yours to pursue my commercial offers.

Here’s what’s on this page:

This site is in transition with the page your reading now being the most up-to-date. Truthfully, this page is a pretty good summary of what I’m trying to share. Additional pages simply add detail.

The previous versions of this site mimicked the format of a resume or curriculum vita. Hence the pages for “consulting,” “coaching,” “teaching,” “speaking,” “research,” and so forth.

I intend to update those pages so that they are more descriptive and less historical. That means, if you explore and find me describing my approach, it’s likely you’ve encountered an updated page. The older pages are mostly simple chronologies or lists of historical instances for each category. For example, “Speaking” may be a simple list of representative examples of public speaking gigs.

External Links (those that take you away from this site) will usually have an icon (Leaving this website.) next to them to remind you that you’re leaving this site. You can close windows or use your back button to return. These “external” links will take you to one of my other sites or to Wikipedia or some other informative site to “learn more.”

Professionally, I am a writer, teacher, and consultant and coach—a researcher and analyst—and a guide to small businesses and entrepreneurs Leaving this website.. I’m also a mentor, executive coach, and career guide Leaving this website..

I work as a free agent Leaving this website. along the boundaries between business, education, and technology.

CW leading Video Conferencing Training Program at Modest Community College

My work in these three realms is characterized by these principles, practices, and values:


  • Tradeskill
  • Right livelihood
  • Skillful means
  • Open Books management
  • Wholistic management
  • Social and ecological responsibility

A Noren learning expedition visits Paul Terry and Associates, small business advisory services.


  • Technology-Mediated Learning
  • Life-long Learning
  • Thinking Disciplines
    • Creative Thinking 
    • Critical Thinking
    • Systems Thinking
  • Learning Disciplines
    • Personal Mastery
    • Mental Models
    • Shared Visioning
    • Team Learning
  • Skillful Means

Claude Teaching


  • The Great Equalizer
    • Internet tech for niche marketing
    • Think global but act local
  • Cloudify your business
    • For cost savings and rightsizing
  • Google-ize/GoogleEyes
    • Grokking the age of Google
  • Web Meetings and Productivity
    • Meet, Talk, Get Things Done
    • Get organized, maximize efficiency, and overcome obstacles
  • Master your personal computing devices
    • Pods, Pads, Laps and Desktops
    • Smartphones, Smart TVs
    • Smart Homes, Smart Offices
  • “Right” Tech in the service of:
    • Mindfulness
    • Community
    • Meaningful work

Vintage Typewriter


A Noren learning expedition visit Jake Warner co-founder of self-help law publisher Nolo Press.


Jake Warner, Nolo Press™

CW leading a learning expedition visiting Jake Warner at Nolo Press. Nolo is a publisher and distributor of self-help law books. (CW in lower-left corner)


A Noren learning expedition visits Jim Lewis, developer of Astrocartography.

One-Person Business

Jim Lewis, Astrocartography™

A learning expedition visits Astrocartographer Jim Lewis. Jim ran Astrocartography™ as a one-person mail-order business selling DIY astrocartography kits. (CW second from right)


Noren visits Briar Tom Hargadon at Softyme

Software Company

Tom Hargadon, Softyme™

CW leads a learning expedition visiting Tom Hargadon at Softyme. Softyme was a pre-Internet company distributing software over high-speed phone lines in the 1980s. (CW at center of photo)

I’m trained in computer systems design and programming and was using email and discussion forums on dial-up systems before the Internet became available to the public. I slogged my way through MIST, EIES, Parti, Compuserve, The Source, AOL, Yahoo! and many more. I had one of the first IDs on the counter-culture social network The Well back in the 1980s.

In the early 1990s, I helped launch one of the first graduate business programs delivered online at California Insitute of Integral Studies.

Just for the fun of it, take a look at these photos of my earliest computers. Yes, I am a visitor from the distant past. As personal technology has evolved, I have been an early adopter along the way.

My first computer was analog (a slide rule). My first digital computers came from IBM, Radio Shack, NEC, KayPro,  and back to IBM.

  • Mindfulness
    • aka present moment awareness
  • Meaningful Work
    • aka right livelihood
  • Simple Living
    • aka minimalism
  • Community Building
    • including virtual communities
  • Using Internet Tech
    • to grow efficiency and effectiveness
    • to support self-discovery and self-guided learning
    • to nurture right livelihood work, whether self-employed or employed by others

I have a 50-year-plus work history, 15 years working for others and the rest as a free-agent entrepreneur.

I’ve owned all the major business types including retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, and several different kinds of consulting firms.

You can learn more than you’ll ever want to know about my work history by exploring this website.

I’ve taught continuously since 1970, rising through the ranks from undergraduate and graduate teaching assistant to associate professor, as well as branching out on my own to create a private business school (Noren Institute) and a consulting/training company specializing in using the Internet for teaching, learning, meeting, teaming, and virtual community building (The University of the Future – FutureU™).

I’ve also offered consulting or teaching services to more than two-dozen kinds of schools from high school and college to university and private schooling including a two schools for traditional Japanese arts, four massage schools, and a breakthrough, alternative, post-graduate management school in Denmark.

Here are a few examples of the many “Internet as the Great Equalizer” training programs or courses I’ve delivered.

Outlets for CW's published articles.Writing

I’ve written articles and reviews for Journal of Management ConsultingHome Office ComputingMacintosh Business Review, Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, Shambhala-Sun, The Office, Tricycle Buddhist ReviewTruly Portable, and Working Woman Magazine.


My first three books are an effort to share some of my thoughts about the first four items on the list above under “My Primary Areas of Interest.” They are:

Stack of CWs Books
A stack of great books for your bedtime reading.

I’ve been an invited speaker, participant, or consultant for a number of leading-edge groups including the Common Good School, Emergent Learning Forum, Kaos Pilots, New Ways to Work, and Office Depot Online.

Attended such pioneering events as the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire (arguably, the birth and first celebration of the personal computer revolution), the 1984 Other Economic Summit (the first counter-summit to the annual G7 summits, first held in 1984 in London), the 1990 Internet World Conference, the 2009 Online Community Unconference and many others.

I’ve been sought after as a subject matter expert by media outlets such as Business Ethics, California MagazineIntegral Yoga Magazine, New Age MagazineNewsweekPC World, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Business Journal, and Yoga Journal.


Outlets for CW's interviews and expert opinions.

I’m the co-founder of The University of the Future (with Gail Terry Grimes). We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities integrating mindfulness and meaningful work, right livelihood and simple living, and “small is beautiful” into the curriculum. Among the most popular are:

  • Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work
  • Building Support for Right Livelihood
  • Running a One-Person Business
  • Grassroots Marketing and Promotion
  • Mastering the Internet as the Great Equalizer
  • Fast-Track Coaching™ for Solo Learners
  • Quick-Start Training™  for Work Teams
  • Choosing and Using the Best Self-Empowerment Tools

You can learn more by visiting [ The University of the Future, LLC You are leaving this site. Close the new window, when you are ready to return. — Not currently available. Undergoing updating.  ].

My biggest joy is working one-to-one with people who are seeking meaningful work, whether through employment by others or by launching or growing their own creative projects, cause-driven initiatives, or money-making enterprises.

You can learn more about my approach by visiting []You are leaving this site. Close the new window, when you are ready to return.

“Claude Whitmyer is a invaluable consultant who harmonizes matters of the marketplace with those of the spirit. Without him I still wouldn’t know that ‘right livelihood’ is a practical reality, not just a philosophical ideal.”
Maureen Redl
Maureen Redl, Psychotherapist
Sausalito, California
"Claude is a deep water community builder and networker. He was in on the ground floor of the PC revolution in the '80s and has learned his way up with it, inventing and evolving many useful solutions. He has tirelessly supported right livelihood approaches to business, and other sensible strategies for the new century."
David Sibbet
David Sibbet
Visual facilitation pioneer and founder, The Grove
"[Claude is a] creative thinker and revolutionary educator, combining technological sophistication with highly developed people skills. A pleasure to work with, reliable, thorough and innovative."
Lisa Faithorn
Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.
Cultural Anthropologist, NASA Ames
"Claude Whitmyer is one of the most thorough, versatile and effective consultants I know. The breadth of his business knowledge and his demonstrated commitment to integrity and social responsibility make him a uniquely gifted business advisor and management consultant. Through FutureU and Noren, Claude truly makes a high value contribution to each project he undertakes."
Christian Forthomme
Christian Forthomme, MBA
Founder, RealChange Network
"What I get from your Noren workshops is a chance to assimilate what right livelihood means. You were always guiding, but you were also thinking, wondering, listening, observing -- and applying what you were getting from the businesses we visited".
Deanna Marquart
Deanna Marquart
Legislative Analyst, Sacramento, California
"You took the time to understand the business before contributing your clear and effective advice. Your ideas were really helpful and you pin-pointed the key problems with our company. Thank you for all your help over the last two years."
Tom Asher
Tom Asher, Art Venture
Clothing manufacturer, Tiburon, California

Family, Friends, Fans, and Fanatical Supporters

Nobody don’t do nuthin’ by his se’f! Whether you jus’ gets through the day or do sumppin bigger that gets noticed by a lot o’ people . . . behind every accomplishment is the proverbial village. Family, friends, fans, and fanatical supporters all do their part to keep us sane and help us make it through the night. I’ve had my fair share and would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that and them, right here on the home page.

Here’s a big shout out to many of you by name. This list isn’t exhaustive, just “top of mind.” Send me an email if I left your name off.

To the entire membership of the Briarpatch community for the unique opportunity to learn about right livelihood, first-hand, from those aspiring to it.

Especially to my core supporters and advisers who have moved in and out of my attention span across the years, but who I think about frequently and whose enthusiasm, love, and humor keep me going:

Andy Alpine, Charmian Anderson, Kristen Anundsen, Peter Beren, Halsted Mancotti Bernard, Clarke Berry, Barbra Blake, Joni Blank, Bart Brodsky, Brad and Nenelle Bunnin, Ernest Callenbach, Anisa Cieply (nee Allan), Jo Anne Coates, Alexandra Destler, Sandie Durgin, Andora Freeman, Nancy Frishberg, Gordon Grabe, Lynn Gravestock, Tom Hargadon, Joyce Hengesbach, Yvonne Madera-Jaffe, Judith Jenna, Willa Kacy (nee Whitmyer), Irene Kane, Fenton Kay, Sharon Kehoe, Arnie Kotler, Dyanne Ladine, Ginny Lang, Sarah Jane Lapp, Erick Larson, Vicki Lee, Marc Lesser, Moses Ma, Kelsey Maddox, Chris Mays, Patricia Ryan-Madson, Joan McIntosh, Dean Michelson, Karen Moawad, Morgan Moffat (nee Sara Whitmyer), Peggi Oakley, Jennie Lynn Pardi (nee Whitmyer), Norman Prince, Shali Parsons, Harry Pasternak, Carole Rae-Watanabe, Salli Rasberry, Maureen Redl, Deborah Reinerio, Tom Rose, Barbara Schultz, Portia Sinnot, Cathy Smith (nee Beaham), Lee Spiegel, Jim Stanford, Randy Sugawara, Joan Leslie Taylor, Paul Terry, Judy Vasos, Nancy Vernon-Burke, Pat Wagner, Jake Warner, Michael Wenger, Goran Wiklund,  and Lyla Wilson (nee Whitmyer). 

I feel especially deep gratitude to my “big” teachers, those with whom I spent close interpersonal time, for short periods and long, struggling to master the wisdom they offered.

Margo Adair, Angeles Arrien, Gregory Bateson, John Bailiff, Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, Josh Carter, Jenna Cavallaro, K.K. Chan, Sophie Otis-Darbonne, Tom Everett, Jack Fitzwater, James Hillman, Carl Japiske, George Kao, Lam Kong, Jurgen Kramer, Ursula Le Guin, Robert Leichtmann, John Lilly, José Martinez, Gary Moro, Fran Peavey, Michael Phillips, Tasuaté Radaene, William Lee Rand, David Rowley, Ulric Rudebeck, Jonathan Russell, Jack Schwarz, David Sibbet, Gary Snyder, Meg “Siddeshawari” Sullivan, George Tasaka, Chogyam Trungpa, Tarthang Tulku, Phil Vande-Riet, Marvin Weisbord, Kam Yuen, Bill Witt.

Equally as important as my teachers were those who have played the role of my student or apprentice. By doing so they provided me with the best educational opportunity there is, to learn by teaching.

To the several hundred Good Business and Good Work students who diligently put into practice the lessons of using mindfulness to find meaningful work, whether as business owners or employees: Every single one of you injected meaning into my life in a deep way. A special shout-out to those who were especially responsive to my message and helpful in guiding me through my own learning:

Andy Couturier, Sylvia Cowan, Robert Dittler, Christian Forthomme, Dan Frandy, Judith Graboyes, Lynn Heinemann, Mary Hennessy, Marie-Jeanne Juilland, Athena Katsaros, Lisa Kippen, Kate Leinberger, Deborah Nikkel, Ken Presti, Barbara Saunders, Erik Schlein, Eva Spiegel, Charlie Varon, Whitney Vosburgh, and Steve Wright.

To the aspiring filmmakers who gifted Charlie Varon and me with the chance to partner and organize our respective viewpoints in preparation for teaching “The Art of Business and the Business of Art”:

Ellen Bruno, Laurie Durnell, Marcia Jarmel, Anna Payawal-Scanlon, and Yuriko Romer.

Special thanks to the “mastering the art of business” students who journeyed with me on a most challenging adventure at California Institute of Integral Studies, with good humor and a deep sense of commitment.

Debora Amerson, Bill Amstutz, Roberto Aponte, Martha Belcher, Bishwo Shanti Bista, Tanya Cao, David Ferrara, Robert Gould, Kathy Gower, Suzanne Marquis-Lavoie, Mary Schmidt, Michael Stein, Sara Sun, James Williams, Nonnie Welch, and Mark and Tara Weissmann.

Last, but not least, the work I was called to, the work I just had to do, would have been a much greater challenge were it not for those souls brave enough to play the role of sorcerer’s apprentice:

Anders Ahlund, June Chen, Hide Enomoto, Tony Giovanniello, Kathleen Gorman, Victoria Maki, Chris Mays, and Mart Pearson.